Learn the Pizza Making Trade with One of the Best Master Pizza Chefs!

Cost of Courses will be Discussed upon Initial Inquiry.
All Courses Include: Class Attendance • Materials • Coffee Break.

Classic Thin Crust

Classic Thin Crust Style Pizza Course:
Born in the most authentic Tuscan bakeries, this pizza crust is very crunchy in texture. Students will learn the authentic way of making the dough to create this classic style pizza.
Basic & Professional Course Available.



Neapolitan Style Pizza Course:
The king of all pizzas, made with a thin crust from simple and fresh ingredients leaving the pizza soft, elastic, tender and fragrant. Students will learn the authentic way of making Neapolitan dough and the use of specific Neapolitan DOP ingredients.



Sicilian Style Pizza Course:
This traditional pizza is often thick crusted and rectangular in shape with a soft inside and crunchy base. Also known as deep dish pizza derived from the Sicilian "Sfincione".


Dessert Style

Dessert Style Pizza Course:
Pizza for dessert? It's the sweet twist on an ever popular dish.
Dessert pizza can be unexpected, uncomplicated and enticing.



Free Style Pizza Course:
Are you already an expert at making pizzas?!?
Come try your hand at free style pizza!
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If you are at least 10 people and live in different city or state, we will bring the course to you!
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