Art of Being Pizza Maker Text

Why choose us:

When it comes to chosing a meal for your lunch or dinner, pizza is often at the top of the list. It has become a worldwide tradition amung all cultures in the world. Eventhough it is such a traditional concept, throughout the years the innovation for finding new recipies and new techniques has grown emmensily. You can be sure to find pizza as a main course dish in any resorts, large hotel chains and even cruise ships. Let’s face it, pizza is and always will be one of the most requested and sought after foods wether you’re in Italy or anywhere else in the world.

Being a pizza chef is not only a profession, but also an art. An art that is not for all, because it must be combined with culinary skills and also juggling skills that will be needed to twirl the dough in the air, flip it and catching it on the fly. Then turn it into a thin sheet of dough that will later become a warm and fragrant pizza. You aren’t born a Pizza Chef, but surely you can become one!

You can become one by attending our course!

Someone might ask what else will these course teach me if I already know how to knead dough, place toppings on it and bake the pizza?

They serve for a simple reason:

In today’s world, a pizza maker not only has to know how to make a pizza, but he should also have the knowledge of various gourmet foods, know the chemistry and nutrition in foods and, know about wines and their parings to certain food groups. These days the art of pizza making is no longer a just a job that one does to earn a paycheck, instead it has become a profession.

Our school is here to teach future pizza makers the essentials skills needed to create a perfect pizza. Starting from the basics which will include learning about flour, yeast, water, salt, and the different types of dough for classic pizza. Further lessons will include learning about the various toppings and types of ovens we cook the pizzas in. The art of pizza making is something that is always changing and evolving as peoples pallates yern to taste something new.

Making pizzas might not be as simple as one may think, but it certainly isn’t a difficult job for the right person. Learning from a professional will make you fall in love with this art. Learning the different styles and techniques will open your eyes to the endless possibilities this career path has to offer. The courses will be part theory, this is where various components that accompany the making of the dough will be analyzed. The second part will be more hands on, this is where you will learn how to knead, handle, top and cook the dough. The end of the course will be dedicated to learning the sanitary rules of keeping food at a certain temperature and keeping your work space clean. Our courses are very thorough and cover all types of pizzas : Classic (round), Neapolitan pizza, Pizza on peel, desserts Pizza, Pizza Acrobatics. At the end of the course you will receive a diploma for having completed the class and will have access to our website where you we will help you find your first job as a pizza maker.