International School of Pizza

The International Pizza School has 28 years of experience in teaching and training our most credited Master Pizza Chefs in the world.

 The objective of our courses are designed for those who want to master the art of pizza making and also for experienced pizza makers who want to refine their art and learn new techniques.

Our courses will mold you into a pizza maker after one week, furthermore it will give you the opportunity to learn and really appreciate how to make a pizza from start to finish which will guide you in becoming a true professional.

 With our teaching methods you will start from scratch and be immersed in a real, work like environment where you will learn all the techniques of creating the perfect pizza while working closely with trained pizza chefs!


1. Tell me and I could forget   2. Teach me and I may remember   3. Involve me and I will learn

Students will be provided skills to succeed and understand the process of making the dough and the different cooking methods through theoretical lessons and exercises in compliance with food safety and hygiene. This course is designed to teach new Pizza Makers everything there is to know in order for them to start working in a pizzeria and be successful.